Gain Control of Your Seed Treatment Process

A common concern is farming is being able to get maximum yield from a seed treater process and at the same time making sure that irreversible loss doesn’t occur. Those who have farmed for years will agree that there is not a lot of control in the seed treatment process, especially when it seems that a farmer must purchase the treated seed so far in advance of planting. At that point, one might not even know what the true needs will be when the time comes to plant. There is a lot of guessing and hoping involved in the process as it has stood in the past.

The Solution for Farmers

My Yield seed treatment systems allows farmers to gain control of their seed treater process. A custom blend will ensure that the correct treatment is being used to meet each farm’s unique demands while saving money.

The Features of a Custom Blend

– Blends are customized allowing the maximum yield

– Able to keep seed and soil borne disease at bay as well as insects that appear early in the season

– High margin of seed safety

– Significant improvement in plant health early in the season

– Greater yield potential

– Offers a turn-key solution

The Benefits

– Significant decrease in price of treating seed upfront and the benefits can be reaped year after year.

– No longer have the risk of having to purchase treated seed in advance before really knowing the true needs

– Able to select an exact treatment for the operation

– Never have to worry about the treatment being applied incorrectly

– No waste or seed that can not be used, returned or sold

– No delays waiting on seed to be delivered

Visit to read comments from farmers who have already made the switch and can’t say enough good things about the product. It is time for farmers everywhere to feel the same sense of empowerment. The process is simple and the process provides for consistent coverage. Some have said it is the most gentle system that requires a small amount of space.


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